about hyena…

sometimes, i felt like i am a spotted hyena. in the book, they say it is famous for its strong bite proportional to its size.

wiki says:

Combined with large jaw muscles and a special vaulting to protect the skull against large forces, these characteristics give the spotted hyena a powerful bite which can exert a pressure of 800 kgf/cm2 (11,400 lbf/in²),[39] which is 40% more force than a leopard can generate.[40] The jaws of the spotted hyena outmatch those of the brown bear in bonecrushing ability,[41] and free ranging hyenas have been observed to crack open the long bones of giraffes measuring 7 cm in diameter.

anyway, it does not mean that i have good teeth and jaw… actually about my teeth… it is another joke… hahaha…. haha…

whatever, i mean, when i really want something, i will never ever give up trying… i might lose all the times, but i will not give up… whenever it happens, i always imagine that i am a hungry hyena biting a live animal, no matter how hard it hits me all over my face.. i just close my eyes and keep biting.. harder… and harder… and harder…

all these touching songs…


Laurie Anderson – Slip Away

What’s this? A little dust in my eye
Well I’m not the type to cry
It’s four a.m. I’m standing by the bed where you lie
Sleeping the sleep of the newborn
I put [my] finger to your lips. Warm air.
Five a.m. You lift your hand and open it.
Then you slipped away. You slipped away.
Oh death, that creep, that crooked jerk…
He comes, he comes walking. He comes sneaking
Down that long irreversible hallway
Grabs you in your sleep

I walk outside to the parking lot.
Bright coins of water on the sidewalk.
Big white building where your body lies
Stands in the middle of the fields. Icy air.
And after all the shocks the way the heart unlocks
And ooo we slip away. We slip away.

I’m thinking about the way that lost things always come back
Looking like something else
A fishing pole, a shoe, an old shirt, a lucky day
Ooo then they slip away into the remains of the day
Ooo they slip away. They slip away.

I’m thinking how you taught me how to win
And how to loose
And how to fight the crippling blues that I was born with
Bad dreams and nightmares
Ooo they slip away. Ooo they slip away into the remains of the day.

I know that sometime I’ll stop looking for you.
Stop seeing your face every day
Bad dreams and nightmares and big bad wolves
Ooo they slip away into the remains of the day
Ooo they slip away into the remains of the day
They slip away

You told me you had no idea how to die but I saw
The way the light left your eyes
And after all the shocks the way the heart unlocks
And ooo then you slipped away. You slipped away.

about travelling – from thinkwithgoogle

The 5 Stages of Travel

From Dreaming to Booking to Sharing

More than 87% of travelers expect to take the same or more number of personal or business trips in 2011 versus years past. This outlook is positive, and with the rise of mobile, social and video behaviors, we are now seeing seeing travelers move through five key stages of travel. Here are some insights within each stage:

  • Dreaming: 68% of business travelers watch travel-related online videos. Among them, 68% are thinking about a trip. 50% travelers who brainstormed or started thinking about a trip online in 2011.
  • Planning: The average traveler visits ~22 travel related sites during 9.5 research sessions prior to booking. 85% of leisure travelers consider the internet their main source for planning travel.
  • Booking: 37% of leisure travelers report that the internet prompted them to book, up from 28% two years ago. 53% of travelers plan to increase comparison shopping this year.
  • Experiencing: 70% of business travelers check into their flights/hotel with their mobile device. Almost 1 in 4 hotel queries come from a mobile phone. Travelers expect a more informed and collaborative travel experience, driven especially by the growing functionality of mobile devices. Over 50% of travelers use mobile phone or device for travel-related information.
  • Sharing: About 1 in 3 business travelers have posted reviews online of places they’ve been.


when i saw this pic, i cannot stop yelling silently inside my heart, and every word comes together, making one huge desperate crazy loud shout:


which means (trying to translate): who the hell are these guys?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kurumi by Mr. Children

Lyrics of Kurumi by Mr. Children

tell me, Kurumi
What do you see looking at this city
How do I look to you now?

tell me, Kurumi
When I start to hear the sarcasm in someone’s kindness
What am I to do?

Remembering only the good times
though it makes me feel like I’ve aged a sum
But you gotta be one of the gears
trying to get turning
You can have only as much despair as you have hope.
but still, my heart trembles at the thought of the future
‘what’s going to happen?’
I try to imagine.

tell me, Kurumi
If time will eventually wash it all away
then life must be a simple affair.

tell me, Kurumi
since then I haven’t cried once
but, neither have I had many good laughs

Somewhere I did up the buttons wrong,
by the time I notice, there’s one button leftover
and similarly one button hole, in need of a button
If you find meaning in finding someone then fine
you can have only as many partings
as you do encounters
still my heart trembles at the thought of hope.
everytime I encounter a crossroads
I’ll fret over which way to go but…

Eventhough I want more than I have now
I sing for an unchanging love
that’s what makes the gears turn
with the burden of more than I need,
making a dull grinding sound
you can have only as much despair as you do hope
and still my heart trembles
at the thought of the future
“what’s going to happen?”
let’s imagine
you can have only as many partings
as you do encounters
and still my heart trembles at the thought of hope
guess there’s no turning back,
so I’ll go on, to a road without you.

what a mom can do…

so a chinese mom, who lived in usa right now, she wants to buy a mini kitchen toy for her two daughters, but she found that the toy in shop are expensive, and small, so she decided to make one for them, all by herself.


it took her one week to finish this 1.o version:





and then, she decided to decorate the kitchen with her elder daughter, and this is the 2.0 version:





i was a huge fan of mini version toys, e.g. doll house, kitchen, etc. even now when i saw those toys in the shop i will jump in and admire them… but when i realized that actually i can use real version of kitchen and house, i lost my interests…


good night!

london olympics special – gender contrast

so london olympics is here, yeah! remember four years back, i was in beijing during beijing olympics, and i have to work everyday, so i cannot watch any live olympics games. i can only watch rebroadcast… four years later, i an in usa, and i worked all day, i still cannot watch any live olympics games. and nbc never ever gave a good rebroadcast… they even put advertisements in between the opening ceremony rebroadcast!!!!!


are you freaking kidding me? nbc? can you be a little more groovy but not like a monetery-control freak?!!!!


i pay you $50 per month is not for watching the best 4-year once worldwide games sharing with everyone else all around the world about this pure happiness of competition and sports and language-less communication — but watching all your terribly advertisements every 15 mintues!!!!


i went home to watch live show on cctv (china central tv station) online. i mean, cctv is horrible and not free-speaking at all, but at least they know they should respect the purity of olympics, of this old and global tradition, of this festival of all human-beings, no matter how much they are wasting the precious money they can make into water!!!!! and you, nbc, you are even eviler than cctv!!!!!!!


seriously… i pity all the americans… i pity their horrible tv-watching experience… i pity their 2000 hours per person in lifetime wasting in watching meaningless advertisements, ok, maybe not meaningless, but with only one meaning – ” let’s buy more, let’s consume more, let’s waste more, in case the world has not exhausted fast enough!!!!!”


seriously, this is evil, very evil, not less than cctv. i am seriously yelling crazily here: usa, you guys have to be careful, you are destroying yourself, right here, right now…


ok, i am tired of yelling, so let’s go back to the topic of the blog, gender contrast:




upper: thai weight-lifting athlete, female

lower: japanese gymnast, male


done, good night, the world… i wish i can find some pirate olympics show online… in this horrible but charming world… you have to be pirate, or you have to be slave… no other choices… please…

storm attacked tianjin, the third largest city in china

tianjin is next to beijing, they are both old and big cities, like cousins… after storm attacted beijing, two days later, it came to tianjin, and this is what tianjinese got:

tianjin, a city who likes teasing the storm and flood

someone plays fancy…

someone plays romantic… (where do they get this…)

someone plays kong fu…

someone plays even better kong fu… (where do they get this…)

someone plays…………… (where the hell does he get this ???!!!)

most people are  real chinese… i mean… they eat everything… no… we eat everything

someone brings their kid out…

someone brings their dog out…

“no swimming on the street” is the new traffic rule of the city…

congrats, tianjin, you guys made it…