my grandma’s latest status

got it from

“during spring festival break, i taught my grandparents how to use computer, and i applied a qq (chinese msn) account for them. yesterday i accidentally saw the status of my grandma, and i froze immediately. she said ‘when you don’t go travelling, don’t take a risk, don’t fall in love, don’t try what you never did before, you just stay in front of your computer, chatting, twittering, online shopping, doing things that i, as a 80-year old, can do. what the hell are you doing with your youth?!’ ”

good night… the world…

2 thoughts on “my grandma’s latest status

  1. Hmmm that baby looks familiar! Thanks for the faboulus photographs, both at 1 week and 2 months! Can’t wait for the next photo session (although that might not be until 6 months!)

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