a brave principle saved his pigs

in changde, hunan province, china… wait a minute, i know none of you know where it is, neither do i, so let’s find it first, it’s here:


ok… i know neither of you care where it is, neither do i, so let’s move forward.

so, the place rained heavily a couple of days ago, and a local school was flooded. not badly flooded, like this:

but like this:

what? where are the students? nobody cares… the stars of the school are these pigs.

they are raised by the leftover of the school cafeteria. very clean, very safe, very natural. (china has a problem with irregularities of using illegal clenbuterol in pig-raising) these pigs will become protein sources of students and teachers of the school. they are not only healthy, but also very delicious… this is why they are so important to the school.

and they are in danger. what can the school do? well, the principle came out and became the hero of the pig!!!

from the unreliable source of information, all the pigs are safe and happy now. they promise they will grow faster and bigger to reciprocate the principle, and the school.

that’s the news for today


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