a mean girl and her social media test…

from douban.com


a pretty college girl sent a tweet, she wrote, “girls, don’t let guys pay all the time when you are dating… don’t you know that parents treat sons mean while treat daughters generously*? guys do not have as much pocket money as us do. they spent more than they have. after a luxury meal with us they will eat instant noodles for the whole month!!”

the next day, she unfriended all the guys who forwarded this tweet.


* [shinya note] there is an old saying in china that parents should raise their sons much less generously than their daughters. because they believe that if they don’t meet boys’ needs, they will become tough and keep fighting after they grow up, while if they don’t meet girls’ needs, they will easily be cheated by guys when they grow up. but since now, most of the family have only one child so actually nobody takes this seriously.


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