london olympics special – gender contrast

so london olympics is here, yeah! remember four years back, i was in beijing during beijing olympics, and i have to work everyday, so i cannot watch any live olympics games. i can only watch rebroadcast… four years later, i an in usa, and i worked all day, i still cannot watch any live olympics games. and nbc never ever gave a good rebroadcast… they even put advertisements in between the opening ceremony rebroadcast!!!!!


are you freaking kidding me? nbc? can you be a little more groovy but not like a monetery-control freak?!!!!


i pay you $50 per month is not for watching the best 4-year once worldwide games sharing with everyone else all around the world about this pure happiness of competition and sports and language-less communication — but watching all your terribly advertisements every 15 mintues!!!!


i went home to watch live show on cctv (china central tv station) online. i mean, cctv is horrible and not free-speaking at all, but at least they know they should respect the purity of olympics, of this old and global tradition, of this festival of all human-beings, no matter how much they are wasting the precious money they can make into water!!!!! and you, nbc, you are even eviler than cctv!!!!!!!


seriously… i pity all the americans… i pity their horrible tv-watching experience… i pity their 2000 hours per person in lifetime wasting in watching meaningless advertisements, ok, maybe not meaningless, but with only one meaning – ” let’s buy more, let’s consume more, let’s waste more, in case the world has not exhausted fast enough!!!!!”


seriously, this is evil, very evil, not less than cctv. i am seriously yelling crazily here: usa, you guys have to be careful, you are destroying yourself, right here, right now…


ok, i am tired of yelling, so let’s go back to the topic of the blog, gender contrast:




upper: thai weight-lifting athlete, female

lower: japanese gymnast, male


done, good night, the world… i wish i can find some pirate olympics show online… in this horrible but charming world… you have to be pirate, or you have to be slave… no other choices… please…

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