what a mom can do…

so a chinese mom, who lived in usa right now, she wants to buy a mini kitchen toy for her two daughters, but she found that the toy in shop are expensive, and small, so she decided to make one for them, all by herself.


it took her one week to finish this 1.o version:





and then, she decided to decorate the kitchen with her elder daughter, and this is the 2.0 version:





i was a huge fan of mini version toys, e.g. doll house, kitchen, etc. even now when i saw those toys in the shop i will jump in and admire them… but when i realized that actually i can use real version of kitchen and house, i lost my interests…


good night!

8 thoughts on “what a mom can do…

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  1. I have tried to make things out of cardboard boxes for my kids. I find once I cut the side (for a door, window, flap, etc…) it makes the box very flimsy and breaks down rather quickly. Do you reinforce it with anything? I’m especially interested on the microwave, as I made a similar one about two weeks ago…

    • Hi, I am having some trlobue on rounding to nearest minute. I have a file with different values. One of the columns is time. Ex.: 0:0:170:1:180:2:190:19:330:26:49What I need to do is rounding up and down depends on the number of seconds (if up to 30 then rounding down, if more then 30 rounding up). So 0:0:17 will become 00:00 and 0:26:49 will become 00:27. I mention that I am on a bash shell.Thank you,R.

    • thanks. Its helpful.The reaosn I tried with awk (using printf though), as my original intention was to round only one field(column) out of several columns of a delimited file(as shown in the related post link in the post). Thanks for posting. // Jadu

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